Join the Lost Arts human chain for arts & culture

on 02 September 2013. Posted in Events

The Writers’ Guild and members of seven other unions will be forming a human chain in front of London’s National Gallery on 18 September to call on government to protect arts and culture funding. The event is being organised by Lost Arts, an affiliation of eight unions whose members have all been affected by cuts to the arts.

Since 2010, the overall budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has been cut by a third. This has meant a drastic reduction in subsidies and grants to museums, theatres, libraries and other cultural bodies, and led to closures, staffing cuts and reduced access for the public. Local arts and culture is also suffering because of £124 million arts cuts in the department's 2013-14 budgeted expenditure for local government.

The government continues to make cuts to arts and culture and ignore its true value. For every £1 invested in arts and culture, up to £6 is generated for the local economy. Arts and culture costs just 14p per person per week. It is directly responsible for at least £865m of spending by tourists every year. Creative industries employ 2.5 million people and 78% of adults attended or participated in the arts in the last year.

Show your support:

Join the human chain in front of the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London at 6pm on Wednesday 18 September.

Tweet your support for arts funding using #LinkUpForArt

Say you’re going on the Facebook event page and spread the word.