Radio awards shortlists

on 21 December 2013. Posted in Radio

Shortlists have been published for the Tinniswood and Imision radio awards 2013, administered by the Writers' Guild and the Society of Authors.

Tinniswood Award 2013 Shortlist

The Tinniswood Award 2013 is presented to the best original radio drama script by any writer broadcast in the UK over 1 July 2012-31 October 2013. The Award is jointly administered by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and the Society of Authors with the prize of £1,500 sponsored by the Authors’ Licencing and Collecting Society. The judges were Louise Doughty, Marcy Kahan and David Pownall. We are pleased to announce the shortlist:

Dusty Won't Play  - by Annie Caulfield

In 1964, at the height of her fame, Dusty Springfield was arrested in South Africa for refusing to play to segregated audiences. Detained, deported and accused of publicity seeking by some fellow celebrities back home, she inspired others to cancel segregated tours. She didn’t change the world, but she did do something

Once Upon A Time There Was A Beatrix - by Lavinia Murray

Combining fact with fantasy, we imagine a day in the life of the young Beatrix Potter as a child, and glimpse at the roots of her creativity. 19th century London: Helen Beatrix Potter is 14 years old and lives in Kensington with her parents. Her younger brother, Bertram, has just gone off to boarding school. Life has changed irrevocably and Beatrix realises that she faces years of isolation and parental indifference. She is on the verge of vanishing within the social mores around her. Today, Beatrix has to find her own life. When she visits the local cemetery, she finds herself at the centre of a rather frightening hunt for a young rabbit, and discovers a way to excel.

Imo & Ben  - by Mark Ravenhill

Benjamin Britten's Gloriana, commissioned for the Queen's Coronation Gala in 1953, was, according to Lord Harewood 'one of the greatest disasters of operatic history'. This play tells how Imogen Holst moved to be near Britten in Aldeburgh to support him as he worked on the score in the months leading up to the premiere

Marathon Tales - by Colin Teevan and Hannah Silva

This play ingeniously combines the stories of a number of Marathon runners ancient and modern; the original Pheidippides, Atalanta, Hippomenes, Abebe Bikila, John Tarrant the “Ghost Runner”, Dorando Pietri the “People’s Champion”; pioneer of women's running Kathy Switzer, and contemporary amateur and professional runners preparing for the London Marathon


Imison Award 2013 Shortlist

The Imison Award honours the best original script by a writer new to radio broadcast in the UK over 1 July 2012-31 October 2013. The Award is administered by the Society of Authors, and judged by members of its’ Broadcasting Committee. The prize of £1,500 donated by The Peggy Ramsay Foundation. The following writers have been shortlisted:

Fresh Berries - by Catherine Johnson

Natalie is 14 and lives with her Nan. Nan is busy with her own life and didn’t expect to have to look after Nat. But that’s OK, because Nat has her new boyfriend, Justin, who’s like 25 and who’ll always take care of her. So Nat’ll do anything for Justin. Anything. Because he loves her. That’s why, when he’s in debt, she does something she doesn’t want to do. Because she loves him too.

Hangdog - by Cat Jones

An up-and-coming detective who's a stickler for the rules has his certainties tested by the brutal realities of everyday prison life when he investigates the suicide of a young inmate. Why does this particular suicide warrant investigation at such a high level and who is really to blame for Hangdog's death? This gritty drama goes behind prison doors and looks at the unusual process of the investigation of a prison suicide

The Loving Ballad Of Captain Bateman - by Joseph Wilde with the composer Tim van Eyken

The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman follows the arc of the ancient song but within a contemporary narrative. In Afghanistan the wounded British soldier, Captain Bateman, places Sofia and her father, in a dangerous dilemma. Sofia and Bateman overhear each other singing and first warm to one another through song. Their contemporary love story is illuminated by Tim van Eyken’s performance of the old ballad, and music he has composed for these characters. The music is integral rather than incidental, working with the text and soundscape to drive the narrative. As in the ballad, the story returns to Britain, where Afghans seek succour and shelter and wives, lovers and families wait and worry about the soldiers they care for.

The winners will be announced at the BBC Audio Drama Awards on Sunday 26 January 2014.