Campaign for young people's theatre

on 23 May 2011. Posted in Theatre

monsterNew push to support drama teaching and theatre-going
A Manifesto For Drama, Theatre And Young People has been published after extensive consultation by a group led by the National Campaign for the Arts. 

The Manifesto recognises a common sense of purpose and a shared belief in the contribution drama and theatre makes to the quality of children’s lives in school and beyond. It is a call to action to young people, parents, teachers and theatre practitioners to unify their efforts and ensure that young people have access to drama and theatre.

The three core beliefs in the Manifesto are that:

  • High quality drama teaching and theatre experiences should be made a curriculum and cultural entitlement for every young person
  • Exceptionally able and highly motivated young drama & theatre makers should be supported and developed
  • Successful young people’s drama & theatre requires a world class workforce and infrastructure.

The full manifesto can be downloaded from

Writers' Guild member Neil Duffield, who has written many plays for children and young people, commented:

'The Drama and Theatre Manifesto arises out of the experience of a wide variety of umbrella organisations and national associations representative of the diversity of work within the sector. They include Action for Children’s’ Arts, Equity, National Association of Teachers of Drama, National Association of Youth Theatres, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and many others.

'To writers and others who have worked in children’s and young people’s theatre, none of this will appear new. It is what many of us have been fighting for over many decades. But that such a broad spectrum of organisations and associations is now coming together in a push to make it happen – and doing so in a time of austerity and cuts – is an important development that every theatre writer should support.'

The Writers' Guild is looking at how best it can support the Manifesto and its aims.

(Photo: Monster Under The Bed, by Kevin Dyer - winner of WGGB Award for Children's Theatre 2010)