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Gill, Kulvinder


LATEST NEWS - February 14th 2014:
Director Kawita Sareen's version of my script Romantic Hideaway is one of the 25 shorts featured in full in the Valentines-themed anthology feature film 50 Kisses which had its World Premiere in London.

Kulvinder Gill is a London-based writer specialising in comedy, sci-fi & horror

Awarded an MA in Television Scriptwriting from De Montfort University in October 2007.

Selected for the BBC Writersroom Radio Comedy Masterclass with David Mitchell in March 2009 and also the CBBC New Writers Masterclass in July 2009. Reached the second round in the Sharps competition in 2008.

Selected for TAPS comedy writing workshops in 2002 and also the continuing drama workshops in 2007.

Commissioned / Optioned / Produced Scripts

The Real McCoy - commissioned and produced writer on the first series of the BBC Two comedy sketch show.

Cybertecs - BBC held a three month option on this children's comedy drama in 2001. (Eight years and countless drafts later, the script was selected for the CBBC New Writers Masterclass in July 2009.) Now a spec script again - details below.

The System - commissioned in 2006 to write a one hour comedy drama for the proposed (but never produced) BBC One anthology series The Evening Play.

The World of… Acting - wrote material for a 2011 non-broadcast TV pilot for a themed comedy sketch show produced and directed by Clare Sturges.

Romantic Hideaway - a dark thriller, one of 50 winning short scripts selected for production by the crowdsourced 50 Kisses Valentines-themed anthology feature film released in 7 countries and 17 cities during February 2014. The short script was also nominated for the 50 Kisses Best Screenplay Award in 2012. Romantic Hideaway was made by six different filmmakers from LA, Menorca, Ireland and three in the UK, with the resulting shorts screened in both domestic and international film festivals. A 12-minute version directed by Andrew T. Wright received a theatrical release in Ireland showing before Argo and was also broadcast by RTE in November 2013. The version directed by Kawita Sareen won the best short under five minutes category at the 2013 London Independent Film Festival and was also fully featured in the final 50 Kisses feature film.
Click here to watch the 6 short films and to read all 3 drafts of the script.

Spec Scripts

The Hit Man and Her: Feature comedy about an accident-prone, incompetent but surprisingly successful hit man: Jim Reaper. Winner of The Big Pitch competition at the East End Film Festival in May 2006. The screenplay was a Scriptmarket finalist at the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival in July 2007 and also a finalist at Fade In, the Central European Pitch Forum which took place in Hungary during October 2007. The latest draft of the script reached the Quarter Finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition in 2013. Click here to watch pitch and click here to read first 11 pages of script

Sleepers - A returning 60 minute contemporary sci-fi thriller series, with horror overtones, about a secret army of brainwashed killers embedded in society. Pilot script was a Semi Finalist in the 2012 Screenwriting Goldmine competition. In 2013, the script reached the long list in the BBC Writersroom's New Year Script Room submission window.
Click here to read first 13 pages of script

Cybertecs - Family-friendly tales of sci-fi and horror in the 21st Century - a sort of Digital Gothic - set in Southall, West London. Script selected for the CBBC New Writers Masterclass in July 2009. Click here to read first 10 pages of script

The Folks on the Hill - Surreal and satirical comedy set in a future dystopian Britain which has brought back crucifixion - but because of the ongoing deficit reduction cuts and EU carbon footprint targets, people are crucified two to a cross! Pilot script reached long-list of BBC sitcom competition in 2004 and won Guardian Funny Farm competition in 2006. The Folks on the Hill was selected for the Off The Page rehearsed readings at the first London Screenwriters Festival in 2010.
Click here to read first 10 pages of script

Big Muff - Ensemble workplace sitcom set in a music rehearsal studios where fictional staff interact with real life music acts. Became a TAPS workshopped writer with this script in 2002. Click here to read first 10 pages of latest draft of the script

Out on a Limb - A thirty-minute black comedy about a man who wakes up handcuffed to a severed arm. Script won me a place on the TAPS 2007 continuing drama workshop. Click here to read first 10 pages of script

The Mobius Tape - A thirty minute twisting murder mystery thriller - told backwards. Script reached the second round of the BBC Writersroom Sharps competition in 2008. Click here to read a one page pitch


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